Leaders in odour control technology

Odour Removal from Command Environmental Control

Command Environmental Control is a division of Command Pest Control Ltd which was established in 1986. Command Environmental Control has been involved in providing specialist solutions for cleaning and odour control problems since 1994. Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Command provides advanced but affordable products and systems for virtually every industry and application. Committed to providing quality products quickly and efficiently, together with clear instructions for optimum use we aim to maximise the benefits to customers of using solutions that really work!

The company is involved with a range of products and services including odour control, cleaning products, cleaning services, washroom services and pest control products.

Eliminating odours and the root cause of odours!

No matter what type of stale or foul odour you have, we offer the Command Environmental solutions to eliminate the source of the odour as well as the airborne odour you smell. Using odour counteractants, cleansing agents and disinfectants you can control airborne odours, surface odours and subsurface odours.